Funny Photography

Funny Photography

The phrase funny photography, means different things to different people.  Will and Guy have taken the view that it means humorous pictures rather than slap-stick cartoons.

At first glance these image seem ordinary, yet on closer inspection you can see that each picture has a funny feature.  In many cases the cameraman shows great opportunism, in a few instance the pictures maybe clever poses.

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Blowing Your Own Trumpet!Ice Cream Clever photography

Blowing your own trumpet! Clever photography

Stork Vapour Trail

Stork vapour trail 

Funny Photo Opportunities - Chasing Planes

Clever Picture Plane Statue Clever Picture Plane Statue


Trick Photos

Head Banger?

Head tree topiary

  • Tree topiary?  Maybe
  • Natural? - Unlikely, but sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.
  • Digitally produced enhanced?  - Highly possible, but no little obvious sign.
  • Please let us know what you think, or what you know about this clever photography.

Funny Photography - Parking Cars in the Snow

Clever Car

Call for the Ace Car Parker

Clever Car


Ballerina with Special Tulip Skirt

Flower Ballet Skirt

How to Create Your Funny Photography Pictures

Create a Funny Illusion


Trick Photos

This is how they created the illusion

Create a Funny Illusion

Now you see the secret why not create your own illusion. Better still, send us the funny picture which results.

The Long and the Short

Long and short - Tallest man

Here we have a face-to-face picture of the world's tallest man, Bao Xishun at 7ft 9", shaking hands with the man, He Pingping at 2ft 5" (74 cm).  They do make a curious pair, 19yr old Mr Pingping is hoping to be declared the shortest man in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. ('He' really is his first name).

Please send us your examples of funny photography.

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