Funny Air Force Pictures

Funny RAF Flight SimulatorInteresting Air Force Pictures that Amuse Will and Guy

All this talk of defence cuts stimulates production of inovative alternative aircraft. 

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Funny Pictures of Air Force Defence Cuts

Low Cost WeaponryLow Cost Weaponry

New low cost weaponry.

New Stealth Bomber

New stealth bomber

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Far Eastern Air Force Practise Flying............ Without Planes

Low Cost WeaponryFunny pictures - Beware Low Flying Aircraft

A new round of cut-backs stall take-off aircraft


'Before a war military science seems a real science, like astronomy; but after a war it seems more like astrology.' Rebecca West

Air Force Cutbacks

Funny Military Pictures

Japanese Air Force Also Cuts Back

Low Cost Weaponry

Australian Air Force

Funny Austrialian Plane

Maybe that's a kangaroo on the circular emblem?


Funny Pictures of the Navy

Cut-backs for aircraft carriers go from bad to worse, the result is more hybrid* military vehicles. 


Defence cuts aircraft carrier

Amazing Airshow Footage

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