Funny Hot Dogs - Dachshund Races

Funny Hot Dogs - Dachshund Races

Dachshund dogs take part in the John Morrell 'Running of the Wieners**'  This race over a distance of 50 feet is held in Cincinnati, USA.

** A Wiener is made of smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork.  The Wiener is usually smoked and served in a bread roll and thus becomes a 'Hot dog'.


John Morrell's Weiner No 1

Funny Hot Dogs - Dacshund races

Dachshund Events:

The dachshunds compete in 3 groups:

  • Little Smokies [younger than a year]
  • Frankfurters [ages 1-5]
  • Senior Sausages [more than 5 years old]

They're Off and Running - Hot Dogs!

Dacshund races

Interested Dachshund Spectator

Hot dog - dacshund


Hot Dog Fan Club?

Hot Dot Fan Club

Hot dog meets cold dog?

Dachshund - Finger-licking Update

Hot Dot Fan Club

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