Clever Photography - Interesting Perspectives

Clever Photography - Interesting Perspectives

At first sight these photos seem ordinary, unremarkable.  On closer inspection you can see that each picture has a clever feature.  A case of a camera man showing opportunism.

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Clever Kissing Photographs

Kissing the Sphinx?

Kissing the Sphinx?

Kiss-me Quick?

Two Cool Heads - Or Just One?

Clever HoseFunny fountain drink

Clever photography, or a lucky miss?

What Did you Say?

What did you say

Clever, but I would not have spotted the fortuitous juxtaposition if I had not seen the first three pictures.  It would have been even better, if the photographer had distilled the idea and posed a girl in a white dress, rather than a boy in blue shirt.


Where's the Birdie?Watch the birdie!

Where's the birdie?

Good snap-shots are often about seizing the opportunity.

Trick Photos

Monkeying About

Where's the birdie?

  • Guy thinks the monkey's head is facing <--- this way
  • Will thinks he can see a pink ear and the monkey's head is facing this way --->
  • What do you think?

Clever Photography - Perfect Perspective

Kicking the leaning tower of Pisa

I wonder how many shots the photographer took to get the perspective just right?  Alternatively, did he skillfully superimpose an image of himself on the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

We Know What They Are Doing!  Striving for that Clever Photograph

Kicking the leaning tower of Pisa

What Do You Think About These Two Pictures?


Leaning tower of Pisa illusion

Marvellous Visual Illusion

These images are actually identical, but the tower on the right looks more lopsided because the human visual system treats the two images as one scene. Our brains have learned that two tall objects in our view will usually rise at the same angle but converge toward the top. Because these towers are parallel, they do not converge, so the visual system thinks they must be rising at different angles.

Here Are Three More Cleverly Composed Photos

Clever PhotoClever PhotoClever Photo

Something Different - Intelligent Use of Shadow

Here is snapshot of a statue in Kaunas, Lithuania, the title seems strange: 'Sowing Stars'.  In the daytime it makes no sense at all.  Could there be a mistake in translation?  Have a look below ....

Star Sower

Same statue, but now we have night-time shadow, clever photography.

Star Sower

Another patient use of shadow


Spiral Staircase with shadow

Creepy Shadow

Spiral Staircase with shadow

Trick Photos

Smoking Road

Smoking Road

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