New Computer Software

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1) New Computer Software?

A must have program for Christmas or Birthday?  Keep your son quiet for hours.

Computer software - strangles users

Well, you see, I was playing this game against the computer, and it was "neck and neck".......................
Caption kindly sent in by Junie.


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2) Computing Urban Myth

One urban myth had it that a network manager had a knock on the door, and there stood a Compaq engineer.  'I have come to replace your disk' he said, 'What disk? I did not order a disk' - demanded the manager.'  No worries', replied the engineer, 'our remote monitoring system has spotted the 4th disk in you array has failed and I have come to fit a new one.'

3) Time for a Cuppa

Time for a Cuppa

4) Computer Help Plea

Computer Help at School


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