Funny File Extensions.

Will and Guy's Computer Humour - Funny File Extensions.

The idea of this piece of fun is to match file extensions to job titles. 
For example: .tiff = Marriage counsellor

Here are others file extension that we have linked to occupations:Funny file extensions

.api = Comedian
.asp = Snake-in-the-grass
.bin = Refuse collector
.doc = Fixer
.chk = Chess champion
.dic = Private eye
.exe = Hang man
.fav = Boot licker
.gem = Jeweller
.ico = Office pin-up
.inf = Filing Clerk
.ins = Insurance agent
.mad = Psychiatrist
.mam = Midwife
.mapi = Planning officer
.mov = Removal company
.mpg = Car salesman
.png = Table Tennis Champion
.ppt = Punch and Judy operator
.pub = Alcoholic
.qt = Strong silent type
.rat = Spy
.snd = Disk Jockey
.sys = Sisterfunny file names
.tiff = Marriage guidance counsellor
.wav = Cheerleader
.wiz = Magician
.wri = Secretary
.zap = Company hatchet man

Best of all, invent your own file extensions and send them to me!

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Here Are More Funny File Extensions

.bak = Chiropractor
.arf = Dog trainer
.bat = Baseball
.bat.uk = Cricketer
.c = Optometrist
.mov = Removal Firm
.txt = Book, magazine, or newspaper publisher.

Above list kindly sent in by Tom Schunk


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