Guy's Crazy Christmas Quiz

Guy's Crazy Christmas Quiz Guy's crazy Christmas quiz

Here is an idea for an office Christmas quiz with a difference.  My crazy idea is to disguise a Christmas quiz as a cunning method of extracting information that staff would not otherwise tell you.  For example, suppose someone dented the company, and nobody would own up.  The answer - camouflage the question in a Christmas quiz.

I thank my old friend Barking Eddie for giving me the idea for a Christmas quiz with a hidden agenda.  My only regret is that I cannot possibly use his questions therefore we will have to devise our own.

Setting the Crazy Quiz Questions

You could start the Quiz with lots of, 'Who did it' questions, then slide in the question which you really want to know the answer.  For example, see Q3 below

  1. Who is Washington named after?
  2. Who founded Microsoft?
  3. Who 'sat' on the photocopier during last year's Christmas party?
  4. Who is the Colt's Quarterback?
  5. Who was George Bush?
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Remember the Background

Now remember theme of your quiz - a bit of end of year fun; consequently, the people answering the questions will have their guard down.  The more gullible staff will assume that you already know the answers, therefore they won't hold back if they know who sat on the photocopier (or whatever you want to discover).  If necessary, play your joker and offer a bribe of a good prize for the most correct answers.

What I don't like about office Christmas parties is looking for a job the next day.  Phyllis Diller

More ideas for crazy Christmas quiz questions:

  • Who has the departmental laptop?
  • Who last borrowed the soldering iron / set of software CDs / microwave?
  • When does the unofficial network Doom 3 session start?  Dec 10, Dec 17, Dec 23?
  • Who left their shoe in the broom cupboard?
  • How much money is there in the departments slush fund?
  • Who has a key to xyz draw?
  • Who will be our next boss?

Even if you don't solve any office mysteries, you can have a lot of fun devising the Christmas quiz questions.

My mission here has been to plant the seed of an idea.  I hope that it will germinate into a Christmas quiz that you can have fun and even discover something that you did not know about your staff.


Other Ideas for a crazy Christmas quiz

Question: What are you most addicted to?

  1. Booze
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Slot machines
  4. The Beano

Question: Finish this sentence: They'll all be sorry when I'm...

  1. Healed
  2. Dead
  3. Armed

Question: Which of the following are you most afraid of?

  1. Spiders
  2. Dog hairs
  3. Cheese
  4. George W. Bush


Please send us your ideas for a Crazy Christmas Quiz.

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