Outside Christmas Lights - Display

Outside Christmas Lights - Display (See the free video)

Here is an new dimension to Christmas tree lights.  Feast your eyes on this extravaganza of coordinated flashing bulbs.  Even better, play the Outside Christmas tree lights video below.

Christmas Outside Lights - Showing the Scale of the Festive Display

Christmas lights - outside 

The individual lights have been programmed to flash and thus create a fabulous display of outside lights.

Christmas tree lights burning brightly

Christmas lights - captured on video 

Will and Guy's Christmas Tree Story
When very young, Will and Guy went deep into the frozen woods searching for a Christmas tree for their homes. After several hours in extremely cold temperatures and a few close calls with angry wolves, Will turned to Guy and groaned, 'I'm chopping down the next tree I see. I don't care whether it's decorated or not!'

Christmas Tree Display

Christmas tree lights - outside

Have you noticed how everybody's Outside Christmas light display features a snowman?

Colour-coded outside Christmas lights.


Outdoor Christmas Lights Snowman

Christmas snowman lights - outside 

Outside Christmas Tree Lights - Video

The above pictures only give an indication of the magnificent Christmas tree display, for the real deal see our video clip:  N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video.


Free download Outside Christmas tree video  (Right-click, Save Target As..)

A Dog's Christmas Promises

  • Christmas tree light bulbs, are not food.
  • I will not attack next door's outside Christmas tree, and drag the string of lights through the hole in the fence.
  • I know that the cat and the snowmen are not real, therefore I will not pull them out of the Christmas tree.

The Cost of Christmas Trees and Their Decorations

Americans spent over $560m on Christmas trees in 2008, on top of that was about $600m worth of imports for tree decorations.  The UK figure for trees was about was about $250m, but they were then decorated with $350m worth of tinsel, baubles and other decorations.

Outside Christmas Lights from Australia!


Christmas lights - outside Australia

An Amazing Set of Out Christmas Lights from the UK

Christmas lights - outside Australia

Christmas lights created by Paul Toole.  It's amazing what a talented hobbiest can create.  Will and Guy love it when someone working in their back garden can create something better than the big multi-nationals. 

See Paul's amazing Christmas lights. 


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