Outdoor Christmas Lights Video Clip

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Will and Guy wonder how many bulbs it takes to make a display of outdoor Christmas lights such as the exhibition featured here.  Furthermore, how much would the festive lights show add to the electric bill?  Judge for yourself as you watch our free video.

Christmas Lights Burning Brightly on a House

Christmas lights on house 

Most of the Christmas display lights are switched on here. 

Christmas Lights - Strobe Effect

Christmas lights on house 

By clever switching of the lights on then off, the creator produces some wonderful strobe effects.


Detail Showing the Manger and the Wise Men

Christmas lights detail of manger 

What also impressed us with this outdoor Christmas light show was the detail as shown by this nativity scene above.

Another Christmas Illumination - Snowman

Christmas lights detail snowman 

The above still pictures gives an idea of the outdoor Christmas lights show, but to see the full effect view our video clip. Incidentally, the video has an atmospheric sound track so turn on your speakers.
N.B. With some browsers you need to click twice on the Play arrow Click on the arrow to start the video.


Free download Christmas lights video  (Right-click, Save Target As..)

A Dog's Christmas Promises

  • Christmas tree light bulbs, are not food.
  • I know that the cat and the snowmen are not real, therefore I will not pull them out of the Christmas tree.
  • I will not attack next door's outside Christmas tree, and drag the string of lights through the hole in the fence.

A Street of Outside Christmas Lights

Christmas lights houses


Outside Christmas Lights in Dorset, England.

A friendly contest which began 15 years ago between a group of neighbours over Christmas light decorations has helped to create a glittering attraction. About 30 houses lit up with thousands of sparkling bulbs and singing Santas in Runton Road, Branksome, Dorset, England now draw crowds of people each year. Hundreds of families visit the road to see the reindeer, sleighs and trains.

Runton Road even has its own official ceremony to switch on the lights on the second weekend in December. Joy Coe, who has lived there for 43 years, informed Will and Guy, 'My husband started it years and years ago and now everybody joins in. There are literally hundreds of people here. One family the other day had come from Cardiff in Wales and another family said they came from London every year. It is absolutely beautiful. As you come up over the brow of a hill, it is like Disneyland in our cul-de-sac.'

People living on the road also raised £700 for several cancer charities on the two nights before Christmas Day 2009 and residents say they plan to do the same again this Christmas Eve.

Christmas Lights from Hastings, England

Christmas lights houses

Homes are illuminated with Christmas lights in a street in the village of Westfield, near Hastings, in southern England.

Christmas lights Hastings

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