Will and Guy's - Advertising Offer

We offer to display your advert throughout our website

Win-win is our advertising mantra.  We want your advertising campaign to earn much more than the modest charges that we make for publishing your advert.

At Will and Guy's humor, we have an average of 15,000 unique visitors each day.  If you like, we can place your tasteful advert on over 1,200 pages on our site.  You can see examples of adverts in both the left and right margins of this page.

We offer text based adverts which fit in our 160 x 80 pixels boxes.  However, if you prefer, then we will add a small 160 x 80 pixels graphic to advertise your product.

More than anything, what we seek is a long term relationship.  Readers don't mind tasteful text adverts, we find that they return month after month to see our new jokes, funny pictures and your advert.

Payment methods for your advert

The fairest way of doing business is for us to have a percentage of your sales.  However, if your product, or advertising campaign, is unsuitable to offer us a percentage, we are willing to negotiate a reasonable flat monthly rate.

To discuss your particular and unique requirement please contact: