Camouflage in Nature - Military Disguise

Camouflage in NatureCamouflage in Nature

The art of camouflage is disguise.  On this page we look at what the animal kingdom has to offer, then turn our attention to how that cunning animal Homo sapiens tries to hide and conceal himself.

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Classic Picture of Camouflage in Nature

Camouflage in Nature

Lounge lizard?   Guy in the next life?

What Makes Chameleons Change Their Colour? Chameleon camouflage

Several chameleon species are able to change different colours which can include pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, yellow and turquoise. Recent research indicates that they do not typically change their colour for reasons of camouflage, but use colour changes as a method of communication, including to make themselves more attractive to potential mates.

Did You Know?

  • A chameleon can move its eyes in two directions at the same time.
  • Chameleons can reel in food from a distance as far away as more than two and a half times their body length.
  • Chameleon Quotes
  • A chameleon does not leave one tree until he is sure of another. - Arabian Proverb
  • We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the colour of our moral character, from those who are around us. - John Locke
  • A chameleon is a person who changes opinions, ideas, or behaviour to suit the prevailing social climate; an opportunist.
  • Camouflage As Art:

More Natural Camouflage in Nature

In nature, animals are extremely adept at camouflage as can be seen from these selected photos.


Who's a Pretty Frog Then?

No Kissing Sign

Malaysian Tree Frog

Tree Lizard

Tree lizard camouflage

See how camouflage works in nature.

Military Camouflage Chameleon camouflage

The armed forces have naturally adopted camouflage to hide themselves.  Disguise and mis-direction are classic military tactics, sometimes they result in funny camouflage situations.  For example:

General Smith: Why didn't I see you at camouflage training today?
Rifleman Jones: I was there, sir.

Army At Rest (below) and Army Snow Camouflage (right)

Chameleon camouflage

Perhaps this soldier is getting ready to be carpeted?  The camouflage is so good, if it was not for those boots Guy would have missed him.


Extras from a Sci-fi Movie?  Or a Covert Operation?

Camouflaged men

Can you tell us who these men are?  Do you know the nature of their mission?

New Digital Camouflage from Taiwan Taiwan Camophlage

Taiwanese soldiers display their new "digital" camouflage during a press conference held in Taipei in June 2011.

The pattern, Will and Guy have learned, is entitled "digicam", and it was devised using small micro patterns for effective disruption and aims to make soldiers harder to spot.

We imagine this military disguise would work very well in certain environments.

Camouflage Failed

Will and Guy are unsure whether this Bangladeshi Policeman (below right) is in disguise or wearing camouflage gear. Chameleon camouflage

Guy wonders if this officer is the fashion police.

Another failed camoflage try

Coca cola lorry camouflaged 

Neighbour Watch?

Coordinated fashion police

A Funny Camouflage Joke to Make You Laugh

An Excerpt taken from the "Irish Army Camouflage Manual" No Kissing Sign

  1. When the soldier is moving through woodland, he's supposed to break off branches and put them on his helmet.
  2. When he is moving through cornfields, he's to break off some cornstalks and put them on his helmet.
  3. When the soldier is moving through a cabbage field he's supposed to take off his helmet for the best camouflage.

...........................And There's More...............

Gordon, an occasional hunter, visits a gentleman's outfitters and asks, 'Do you sell camouflage jackets?'

'Yes, indeed,' replies the salesman, unfortunately we can't find them.'

Elephants Put Out to Grass


Elephants put out to grass

See more on real camouflage in nature.

Confused Chicken

Elephants put out to grass

Humour: Have a Laugh At These Funny Aspects of Concealment

Camouflaged Pigs - see the complete story here

Tiger chopsCoca cola lorry camouflaged

Even Coca Cola camouflages itself when involved in desert activity

Here we have a completely different slant on Coca Cola camouflage - but camouflage it is.

Tiger chops 

Camouflaged Car


Camouflaged VW

See other Beetles here

Please send us your examples of funny camouflage pictures.

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