Neff Fridge Filter Replacement


Neff Upright American Style Fridge FilterBosch Neff Filter

Until a Neff engineer told me, I did not realise that I my upright fridge had a filter, never mind that I needed to replace this bypass cartridge every year.

Replacing the Neff Fridge Filter

YouTube Video Showing Filter Replacement

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words; then a video beats a lengthy description of what to do.

Bosch Neff Filter

Note: I found it really difficult to unscrew the filter; what helped me was getting a screwdriver into that hole at the end of the filter, and twisting.  See screenshot right.

Update October 2013 (Previous filter fitted June 2012)

I ordered this replacement element: 9000 077104
Bosch Neff Siemens Ultra Clarity Water Filter Cartridge
It cost me £75 for two filters.

Variation in Neff Fridge Models

I am pretty sure that Barrett's installed slightly different fridge models in the various houses in Burrium gate.  I think that ours is Neff Series 3 K5920L0GB.  Did I dream it?  Or did the Neff engineer pull my fridge forward to reveal the model number on the back?  I don't seem to have the strength to repeat this removal feat.  Plan B: you could remove the existing filter and check its number before ordering.

Neff engineer contact: 0844 892 8989 (My pet hate is companies who keep changing their contact number!)

Guy's Question - When Should I Replace the Fridge Filter?

I replaced the filter because I feared the alternative, an old filter may cause a blockage, a build-up of bacteria, or some other problem with my lovely fridge.

My guess is that with a newish filter the cooled water tastes like - water!  Without the filter, or when the filter is no longer effective, the fridge will produce a liquid that tastes like chlorinated water.

This leads me to wonder if the life of the filter depends on the volume of water used, rather than an active ingredient in the filter that which decays with time.  Then there is a lingering worry that a bacteria colony is thriving in a 3-year-old filter.

One unexpected side-effect of getting older is that I am more willing to listen to advice and pay attention to instructions.  However, old habits die hard, and I have this niggling worry that I am being conned, a) because I cannot taste the benefit of this replacement, b) I hear rumours that there is a cheaper filter.

Request: Ideas and Comments

If you have ideas, or views concerning the fridge and its filter then I would be delighted to extend my knowledge.  For example, cheaper filters, the optimum fridge temperature settings (-18 +4?), or better management of the ice cube production.

Email me:

Guy's Fridge Humour

The Ideal Fridge?


Fridge humour

Fridge for Sale?

Raymond, from Woodley, Reading, Berkshire purchased a new fridge. The local council wanted £20 to remove his old fridge in an environmentally friendly fashion, so in order to save money he put it in his front garden with a sign that read, 'Free to a good home. You want it, please take it.'

The fridge stood untouched for 4 days.

Raymond changed his tactics. He made a sign saying, 'Fridge for sale - £50.'

One day later the fridge disappeared: stolen.

The Refrigerator TestFunny Refrigerator Test

Here is an achievable on-line logic test.  I am going to ask you the same four questions that Anderson Consulting asked their volunteers. They claim that 90% of professionals got all four answers wrong.  To rub salt into the wound, they claim that 20% of 8 year olds got at least one question correct.

Now I want you to trust me.  I admit that I can be a tricky boy, but on this occasion, I am your coach giving useful advice.  I really want you to get all four questions correct and thumb your nose at the refrigerator test.

Our killer edge is that we will go slower, and think more logically than the 90% who failed the refrigerator test.Refrigerator test - Giraffe

Refrigerator and Giraffe Test 1

Q1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Funny fridge test - giraffe

The key to answering Q1 is to ask your self why did 90% of professional people go wrong while 8 year olds get this right.  Conclusion the answer must be simple.  So think like a 8 year old.  How would you put your toy giraffe in the fridge?

Q1 Correct Answer

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