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The purpose of this section is provide a resource for me and for other residents at Burrium Gate.  Here are Guy's notes concerning managing his Longfellow.

 Burrium Gate House Projects

Guy's Reasons for Creating These Pages

One of the joys of moving into a new house is to learn how the components work.  When I change a setting in an appliance, I wanted to I write down what I did, lest I forget next time I tackled that task.  Creating these articles has already caused me to research the underlying technologies.

My mission is to share information with owners of similar houses.  I believe that there are others here in Burrium gate that are more expert on these topics than I, my best role is to be the scribe or collator.

I do enjoy web-based projects, who knows where this venture will lead, especially if people add comments and suggestions.  It also occurs to me that there are alternative co-operative tools such as WordPress, a facebook page, or twitter feed.

Guy's Brainstorming Ideas for Additional Pages

  • House Alarm Servicing (N.B. Logs). Smoke detectors.
  • Roofing (Avonside)
  • Guttering and Plumbing. (Paul)
  • Garage: Floor and Shelving.  (Servicing the crocodile door mechanism?)
  • Electrics: (Nathan, City Satellite)
  • Gardening.
  • Bins and Composting.
  • Useful Gadgets:
        Post box
        Power hose
        Loads more....
  • Local Resources and Calendar of Events.
  • Internet Resources.
  • The Burrium Gate Pond.
  • The "Grassy Green" opposite Nos 5 and 25.

Request: More Ideas and Help Improving the Pages

If you have ideas, or tips that will benefit other home owners, then please let me know and I will be delighted to create more articles.  Furthermore, if you have additions or suggestions for my existing pages, then I would be delighted to improve the information.

Email me:

House Building HumourJerry built balcony

Two balconies Guy won't be installing in Burrium Gate!

Trick stairs

A Wendy House for Number 18?

Funny Folly Houses


Wallpaper DIY

A family bought a house and made plans for interior decorations. They decided to wallpaper the walls.

"The neighbours' house is the same size as ours," the wife said to the husband, "and they wallpapered their walls. Go over there and ask them how many rolls of wallpaper they bought."

The husband went next door, returned and reported, "They bought 12 rolls." So the husband and wife went to the store and also bought 12 rolls along with some other supplies. Later that day they began the job of wallpapering.

When they finished, they still had 4 rolls left.

Looking at the leftover rolls, the husband said, "I'm going next door and ask the neighbors about this." He went next door.

"You said you bought 12 rolls of wallpaper to paper your walls," the husband said when his neighbour answered the door.

"We did buy 12 rolls," the neighbour replied.

"We bought 12 as well," the husband said. "but we still have 4 rolls left!"

"Yeah," the neighbour replied, "We still have 4 rolls left too!"

Bad Case of D.I.Y.

I've been charged with murder for killing a man with sandpaper. To be honest I only intended to rough him up a bit.

Plans for a New House in the Twyn Square, Usk

Unusual Distorted House 

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