Honeywell HR80 Radiators

Honeywell HR80 Radiators

Guy's experience of grappling with the heating system of his Barrett's house in Burrium Gate, Usk.

Radiator Problems

The root cause of 80% of radiator problems is a flat battery in the white HR80 thermostat, especially if it's over a year since you changed them.Funny Warning Sign - Please be safe


  • To change the batteries.
  • SyNc by tickling the 'bind' button.
  • Twiddle the valve-control wheel.

Remove the Head

To remove the white head at bottom of the radiator, locate the screwdriver-shaped 'tegs' on either side of the the head. 

Move the pointy bit to the down position.

Guy says this is a poor design for a £80 unit; still let us go with the flow.  What I do is rock the unit back and forth ever more vigorously until the head releases.

Tip from Paul (Plumber): Always unscrew the purple wheel until it reaches the upper 'stop' before you replace the head.  This makes sure the valve will calibrate correctly.

The radiator is permanently hot, and the valve won't shut off.  This is a fail-safe mechanism for when the batteries are flat.

Solution: Replace the two batteries.  Incidentally, I cannot open the battery compartment at the back without first removing the head.

No transmission symbol visible; the usual flashing 'tree' missing.

Cause: Flat batteries.  As mentioned earlier, there is a compartment at the back of the head to replace batteries.

Battery life: Did I dream this, or did the Honeywell expert tell me they lasted 18-24 months?

Tip: When replacing batteries choose a different make / design.  My reasoning: unless you are organized you will forget which radiators you have replaced.  Sooner or later you will go mad wondering which still need changing.

Conundrum: Please advise Guy.  Should I go for rechargables batteries, or would that be more hassle than its worth?

The radiator valve never seems to close properly, maybe a faint hissing sound.

Solution: The counter-intuitive tweak.  Screw the purple or grey wheel up to the TOP.  As soon as you put the head back on the motor should wind the wheel down to the BOTTOM and thus turn off the valve.  Consider replacing the battery if the problem reappears.Funny Warning Sign - Please be safe

Problem: 'SyNC'
If instead of displaying the temperature you see SyNc:

a) Give the HR80 at least 4 mins to synchronise.
b) Take off the head. Press down the little white button* for 2 seconds. See picture to the right. The result is the display says 2.03 (the latest version number maybe 2.04). 

* I use a biro, but apparently you can get a small screwdriver for the task.

Testing Your Thermostat Head:
If you turn the control arrow down two or three clicks, then you should hear the motor winding, there is an 80% chance all is well.  If nothing happens, no sound, then check the batteries.

Less Likely Thermostat Problems
Something is wrong with the settings at the master controller unit.  One day my master unit got out of synch by 12 hours!  The radiators would not come on because the controller told them it was night time!

Obvious troubleshooting ideas, try another radiator in the same zone.  What does the other radiator display?  How does it respond to a tweak of the dial at the top? 

If the radiator stays cold, check if Mr Nobody turned-off the RIGHT hand valve with a pair of pliers.

Guy's Cold East Wing

Mission to save heating parts of the house, in my case the east wing.

Plan A) In summer and autumn I close the valve on the RIGHT mechanically with a pliers so there is no possiblility for hot water getting to the radiator.  This brass 'tap'? is on the opposite side of the radiator to the electronic head.

Plan B) There a better way of conserving heat in areas which don't need it.  Investing in an Evohome controller, and increasing the zones to 8?

Request: More Ideas for Tuning Radiator Vales

If you have ideas, or tips that will benefit other user's please let me know, I will be delighted to publish them.

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Guy's Humour

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Gerry Builders

DIY (Dangerous Incompetent Yob)

A Do-it-Yourself [DIY] enthusiast, from the UK, has been banned by his wife from taking on any more tasks after causing thousands of pounds worth of damage reports the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Christopher Andrews, 21, a pensions administrator, has left a trail of destruction in their two-bedroom terrace house in Wiltshire, south-west England. While trying to change a washer on a tap, he went up into the loft to look for the stop-crock and disconnected two pipes, flooding the house. He later returned to the loft to look for the television aerial and crashed through the room's ceiling, showering plaster on his wife who was ironing.

When he wanted to lay a carpet in the bedroom, he knocked out the light bringing the roll of material into the house. He cut a large hole in the carpet rather than move the bed. Andrews once blacked both his eyes when a wheel brace slipped as he tried to change a punctured tyre on the couple's car. DIY Chaos

Mr Andrews ruined a kitchen work surface by trimming off so much of it to make it fit that it ended up far too small.

In his hands the electric drill becomes a dangerous weapon. He cut his leg badly when he dropped the drill as he tried to re-hang a broken garden gate. Then, while trying to put up a coat rack in the hall, he drilled through an electric cable sending out sparks that set fire to the curtains.

This made him more safety conscious; so when he decided to put some speakers on the walls he turned off the electricity. Then, unable to understand why his electric drill had stopped working, he took it apart to see if he could fix the fault. Having failed to find anything wrong with it, he tried to put it back together again but by then he had forgotten where all the pieces went. He went out and bought another drill and was about to take it back because it didn't work when his wife arrived home and reminded him that he had turned off the electricity.

Mrs Andrews, a job training manager, said she had had enough, 'Chris will have a go at absolutely anything,' she commented. 'But in his case DIY stands for Dangerously Incompetent Yob'.

It is entirely possible, thinks Guy, that Mr Andrews may have been responsible for fitting this television in his home.

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