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My goal is to create a list of tips, ideas and resources to help we Barrett home owners get the most from our lovely houses. Evohome Controller

Fitting the Evohome Controller

Honeywell Heating in a Barrett Home

In my opinion, the standard Honeywell radiator controller lacks flexibility. For example, it would make better sense to have cooler settings for radiators in the hall and landing than the rest of the house. Also if you have a home office, then it would benefit from having its own heating timetable. I am sure you can think of more advantages of fine-tuning the heating in your house.

One solution is buying the Honeywell Evohome controller, it costs around £220 (I am NOT on commission!) My wild guess is that it would pay for itself in about 5 years, but saving money was not my primary reason for ordering a better controller, I wanted the satisfaction from each room being at just the right temperature at the right time. A bonus of the Evohome system is that it can read the sensor in the radiator's valve head and then display the temperature on the master unit.

To recap, the standard Honeywell central heating controller has two zones, usually upstairs and downstairs, but the super-duper controller has not 4, but 8 zones, almost one for each room!

Guy's New Central Heating Plan

  1. Divide the house into zones (Max 8).
    Check that the new Evohome controller is bound to the HC60NG unit in the airing cupboard. [Key point for me]
  2. 'Bind' each radiator's valve head (HR80) to one of the zones in the Evohome controller.
  3. Configure the times and temperature settings for each zone using the master controller.

The Secret of Success

  • Understand how the present system works.
  • Check how the original controller is bound to the radiator HR80 units.
  • Work out how the original controller also binds to the HC60NG unit in the airing cupboard.
  • It's a clich√©, but the setup works if you follow the manual line-by-line. I know, because I failed to do this, and paid the price of having to start again with a factory reset.

Support: Resources for My Evohome Installation

My supplier Online Heating Service just passed the buck to Honeywell.

Honeywell's support was patchy: 08457 678999 (press 2). Incidentally, I learned that this helpline is really only for qualified Honeywell technicians. Best contact email: KimberleyAnn.Wellington (at than) Honeywell.com.

In addition to the manuals supplied, I downloaded the full Honeywell manual called 50042748-001B.pdf.

Paul Harrison 07976 270622 (Barrett's recommended plumber), helped me understand the binding concepts, and how to double-check they were working correctly.

Finally, I would like to thank Chris Dann for recommending the Evohome controller to me. He found the instructions straight-forward, and setup his system in a morning without any problems.

Tip from Chris: take the portable unit to each zone you are configuring; rather than bring all the valve heads to the controller.

Evohome url: http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/honeywell-evotouch-controller-p-838.html?search=evohome

Request: More Tips for the Evohome Controller

If you have configuration tips that will benefit other users please let me know.  Ideas for cutting heating costs would be particularly gratefully received.

Roger asked about the guarantee. The answer from Honeywell was: 1 year with proof of purchase.

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